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We Focus On Improving Your Risk Profile And Changing The Way The Insurance Market Responds To It

While other brokers focus on the insurance placement as their main value to the client, resecō is focused on client financial outcomes. The purchase of insurance is only part of the cost of managing risk.  Every claim has hidden but substantial uninsured costs including: lost productivity of employees and equipment, disruptions in the workplace, deductible costs, increased insurance costs and impacts on company morale.   As an Analytic Broker™ we use certified data to measure not only the risk transfer (insurance) costs but also the financial leakage (indirect costs) and the impact on your financial outcomes.

Our team of risk advisors assess our client’s enterprise to find opportunities to improve their results and provide comprehensive risk management plan focused on leadership and employees’ behaviors relative to risk.

When claims do occur, our claims advisors engage immediately on behalf of the client and stay engaged until resolution of the claim. Our claim management experts take a proactive and strategic approach to influence the best possible claim outcome. Claims adjusters have extremely large caseloads, left un-managed, claims can quickly escalate impacting your insurance renewals and experience modifier.  Our claim advisors influence the carriers to make sure that each claim has a proactive strategy.


When it comes to the insurance placement, resecō is staffed with seasoned and professional employees who collaborate so that the insurance carriers are not simply looking in the rear view mirror but understand the changes the client has made to improve their risk profile. Helping our clients provide a better and more productive workplace for their employees and the public that they deal with, will ultimately lead to a sustainable improvement in the health of their company and their financial results. Lower premiums and better insurance protection are simply a byproduct of these efforts. Our clients are our partners, and our goal is to provide them with the security of knowing that their best interest is our top priority.





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