Hiring and Recruiting

In today’s workplace, it’s the employees who enable organizations to fulfill their mission and achieve their goals. That’s why talent acquisition is so much more than simply posting a job online, reading resumes, screening candidates, and hiring a new employee.

Procuring talent is about creating meaningful job descriptions that allow candidates to determine if they are the right fit, properly screening the candidates to ensure core and job-specific competencies are present and at the appropriate level of experience, and ensuring that hiring managers have the tools they need to effectively interview and select their next hire.


At RMA, we go above and beyond. We save you time by becoming an extension of your team — we’ll craft compelling job postings, schedule your interviews, create interview guides and make the entire process as smooth and effortless as possible. We do this by partnering with you to understand your business and company culture, because the perfect fit doesn’t just exist on paper.


Perhaps you’ve been down this road before, and worked with an outside recruiter or agency, only to end up with a challenging and unsuccessful experience. We have developed a proven process that eliminates frustrating elements. Furthermore, our talent acquisition services typically cost less than a recruiter, your time investment will be significantly less, and the probability of finding the perfect fit will be significantly increased.

Hiring and Recruiting


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